graphic recording and facilitation

Helen began developing her skills as a graphic recorder and facilitator through the use of person centred planning tools. Over the past ten years, she has gone on to gain a wealth of experience of using graphics to facilitate all kinds of dynamic and colourful meetings. (For more information on graphic recording and facilitation, see the separate section.)

Graphics courses usually take place over one or two days. Participants on graphics workshops all receive a copy of the course handbook, 'Getting to Grips with Graphics' (see Articles & Publications section).

Graphics courses cover:

  • What is graphic recording and why is it useful?
  • The role of graphic recorder and facilitator
  • Tools and techniques of graphic facilitation
  • Building your own graphics library
  • Opportunities to practise using graphics in a fun, creative and supportive environment

comments from participants

"We engaged Helen Wilson to deliver training on Graphic Facilitation for a number of managers in the organisation to help them develop graphic skills and we have been delighted with how this training has skilled people to develop good quality visual plans...SOL as an organisation has always embraced the value of person centred planning tools to plan with the individuals we support and in organisational planning.  We strongly believe in the value of having a visual representation of the vision for the future for the person and the organisation." 

Lorraine Taylor, Depute Director, Support for Ordinary Living


"Very informative and 'hands-on'."

"Fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed it."

"The course was well thought-out. There were enough changes to hold your interest. I feel confident that I will be able to use this at lots of times in the workplace."

"Everything was explained very well. I felt at ease with it all and not under any pressure."

"Informative, easy to follow, entertaining and relevant to my job."

Samples of Helen's work

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