person centred planning

It is widely recognised that person centred planning offers people profoundly empowering opportunities to build supportive networks to enable them to plan for positive, inclusive futures and to make changes driven by their own wishes and desires.

Helen has helped many individuals, families and organisations achieve change through person centred planning. She draws on her own personal experience and practice in supporting others to develop skills in facilitating person centred planning processes.

All training and support is tailored to suit the needs of the particular organisational context. Some organisations choose to focus specifically on the planning tools, whereas others might be more interested in generic person centred support.

We believe it is vital to consider, not only person centred planning, but also person centred thinking and person centred working.

“The training we received form Envision in person centred working and the tools used was informative, professionally delivered and relevant for our service to the public.”


Martin McDonnell

Senior Careers Adviser

Careers Scotland - Highlands and Islands

Typically, person centred planning training will include a number of elements:

  • Values underpinning person centred work
  • Person centred planning tools and approaches - focus especially on Map, PATH and essential lifestyles planning
  • Graphic facilitation and recording skills
  • Process facilitation skills

Person centred planning courses vary in length, ranging from a one-day introductory course to a five or six day in-depth tools and skills course.

Participants all receive copies of relevant training materials, either as handouts or as a customised training manual.

comments from participants

"It has focused me and made me much more confident in working in a person centred way."

"Found the course enlightening and informative. Made me stop and evaluate the way I work."

"Very good for making you think about your role as a support worker. Learnt loads!"

"Brilliant course, great content. Very good trainer - good training methods, exceptionally positive and used terminology that was understandable and transferable to the workplace."

"It has given me a whole new approach to my work and I feel very enthusiastic about this."

"It's taken the mystery out of person centred planning"

"Great to have the beautifully presented folders which will enable us to help our tenants live life to the MAX!"