support/care planning

With the increased emphasis on care planning and written documentation to support person centred practise with individuals, it is often a struggle to marry up the demands of the Care Commission with the need to be person centred. Helen has developed a number of one and two-day courses which respond to this dilemma. The focus is on:

  • Involving service users in developing their own plans
  • Supporting people to be in control of their own services
  • Language of support plans
  • Making plans accessible and personal
  • Keeping plans dynamic and current
  • Person centred tools for considering risk

comments from participants

“It will help me with supporting people to make choices and to realise their dreams.”

“Charged up. Ready to go!”

“Risk assessment is always a struggle but you’ve given us some really useful frameworks.”

“Answered questions and made me think.”

“Really good to focus on the detail. Especially thinking about language in daily plans.”