thinking outside the tickboxes
– person centred approaches to supporting older people

Person centred working is about valuing every individual – appreciating all that they are, all that they have been and all that they might wish to be.

It is widely recognised that person centred approaches offer people profoundly empowering opportunities to improve quality of life and be in control of the services they receive. This course, designed and delivered by Helen Wilson of Envision and Sylvia Crick of Ark Community Networks, specifically focuses on using these tools and approaches within the context of supporting older people, finding creative ways to plan for positive change.

This course focuses on:

  • Values of person centred work
  • Skills for person centred working
  • Person centred planning tools and approaches
  • Strategies for building and sustaining community connections
  • The Support Planning and review cycle
  • Reflective practice and creative problem-solving

The course combines group discussion with theoretical input and experiential exercises. Participants will be encouraged to relate their learning to their work context and practice and will be supported to identify strategies for implementing these approaches in their own workplace. The follow-up day offers an opportunity to feedback, as well as to explore frameworks for reflective practice, problem-solving and ongoing learning.

comments from participants

“Great course. Lots of different concepts to consider and work on.”

“Very good course. Presented in a relaxed and informal style with lots of good group exercises … Gives me lots of ideas of new ways to work with people.”

“Really made me think about other people, their feelings and my own practice.”